How to record sound from a microphone – online voice recorder, a convenient and functional program for voice or sound recording from a microphone (an online voice recorder). The recorder doesn't require downloading or installation of any additional software to your computer. You can record directly into the browser, for free.

This page describes how to use the voice recorder, what features it has for editing recorded sound from the microphone and how to download it as an MP3 file.

Access to the microphone

The interface of the recorder is quite convenient and clear, there is no unnecessary elements. But there is some technical restriction which should be considered. By default access to your microphone is denied for your own safety. Because of this, to start use the recorder is required to provide access to your device. Usually a small window appears at the top of the browser in which you should press the "Allow" button. If you accidentally denied access, you can change the settings. Next to the address bar should be a corresponding icon, with which you can do this.

Start recording voice or sound

When the program has got access, the "Start Recording" button should change its state to active. Clicking on it immediately starts recording from an active microphone. If for some reason the recording is not possible, the program will display the corresponding error. The main reason that can happen is the lack of support of necessary technologies in your browser. This happens if you are using an outdated version.

Recording duration

During recording, looking at the numbers above, you will see that it is changing the duration. But actually, this is not the duration of a record. This is just a current position of the pointer. The fact is that a track can be scrolled or reproduced. All this will change values of the numbers. That is, they are displaying the current position, where you are.

Record rewind

When you have recorded some fragment, you will see that the arrow on the left of the time became active. It allows you to move the position to the beginning. This is useful when your audio recording is very long.

When you are in the beginning of the recording, the right button will become active. By clicking on it, recording will be scrolled to the end. Also, the right button will be active if you exit within the limits of the recorded sound.

The pointer can be not only at the beginning or at the end, but also in the middle. In this case, two arrows are activated, to be able to move in both directions. Such a situation is possible, for example, when you move the pointer or stop playback manually.

Sound volume

During recording, you will see the sound intensity on a special scale. It makes easier to navigate on a record and find desired fragments to play or overwrite them.

Once you stop recording, the recorded parts will change its color. It will be the same as the rest of the record. We need this in order to distinguish the current recording and that was recorded previously. In some cases it may be important.

Recording playback

When recording is stopped, the playback button will become active. When you click on it you can hear the record in your speakers or headphones. If you click on it, when the pointer is at the end of the recording, the playback will start from its beginning. If the pointer is at the beginning or other position, the playback will start from the selected location.

Experimenting with sound recording

We have implemented the ability to undo and redo of the recent changes. It is very comfortable and familiar, if you've ever used a similar functionality. You can record sound, listen to it and if you do not like it, you can cancel it. Listen again. If you understand that the canceled version was better, you can return it.

Recording in MP3 format

When you have achieved the desired result, your recording can be downloaded in a convenient and the most popular MP3 format. It can be reproduced with all audio players.

The recorder feature set is growing. Some new features are already planned. For example, the processing of the recorded sound by overlay effects or changing of a recorded voice beyond recognition.

If you have any suggestions or difficulties in using the online version of the recorder, please email us at We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

We hope that the recorder will become your assistant in recording of voice and audio.